Urgent Care

In the area around Glen Ellyn urgent care is now available through an emergency room, but for non life threatening situations, there is now an alternative. Whether you are in need of a health screening, a regular checkup, are suffering from an injury, or you just have a health concern the medical professionals at DuPage Medical Plaza will provide you with a professional and timely response.

Accepting various types of insurance and providing you with an extended range of hours of operation, our physicians not only understand all of your needs, but are able to plot-out a course of superior treatment implementing the very best medical tools that are currently available. Our philosophy is to treat all of our patients like part of our family, not just as merely our patients. As a top-notch medical facility we offer an array of services to see to all of your requirements. We include specializations in maternal child health high risk obstetrics and family medicine, but also cover special interest areas like preventative medicine, woman’s health, weight management, dermatology, hypertension, geriatrics, diabetes mellitus, and adolescent health. In the area surrounding Glen Ellyn urgent care is now available through and emergency room, but you can receive non emergency care at DuPage Medical Plaza that is second to none. We treat you as a whole person, seeing to all of your needs, not just treating the components of a disease or condition.

Our professionally-trained staff will tend to you with the very best care that is possible and make sure that all of your needs are being met. With the ability to speak several languages, including Hindi, Urdu, and English, our specialists can make sure all of your medical needs are being met. DuPage Medical Plaza provides the very best techniques and practices coupled with the superior patient care that is unsurpassable. Our physicians are board certified through the American Academy of Family Practice and have had extensive training at world-renowned establishments like Osmania Medical College, West Suburban Hospital, and Jackson Park Hospital.

You can call and schedule an appointment with our friendly associates, but walk-ins are always welcome at DuPage Medical Plaza as well. We are open from 9:00am to 10:00pm and offer you customized medical services as a fraction of the costs that laboratories, emergency rooms, primary care centers, and diagnostic facilities offer. Whether you do not have primary care physicians or if they are not available, we have the ability to treat people of all ages ranging from newborn babies to the elderly. In and around Glen Ellyn urgent care is now available through emergency rooms, but for non life threatening situations, consider the DuPage Medical Plaza. Call today to schedule an appointment.